What is masterbatch?

Masterbatch is a system to add colours and additives to polymers.

IQAP, as masterbatch producer and colour specialist, is a leading company in chemical formulation and dispersion technology (including nano-particle technology).

IQAP combines the most suitable pigments and additives for each polymer and end use. Our command of dispersion and diffusion technologies lies at the core of our top quality and high performance masterbatch formulations.

In addition to colour, masterbatch can also confer the most advanced physical, aesthetic and functional features to a wide variety of plastic, textile and cable&PVC products. This range includes: stabilisers, UV-filters, antistatics, scented additives, slip, weather-fastness enhancers, special effects (pearly, glitter…) antibacterials, special feel, stain-resistant additives, flame-retardants…

Our products are supplied in different formats:

  • Spherical granules
  • Cylindrical granules
  • Micropellet
  • Micronised
  • Liquid