Since it was established over 35 years ago, IQAP has evolved to respond to the ever-changing requirements coming from new markets.

  • 1975 Technical development of PVC masterbatches for the cable sector.
  • 1979 Industrias Químicas Auxiliares del Plástico, S.A. (IQAP) is set up in Manlleu (Barcelona).
  • 1986 Development of masterbatches for all polymers and technical applications.
  • 1987 Colorpoint, S.A. is set up in Manlleu (Barcelona).
  • 1996 The company moves to its current location in Masies de Roda, Vic (14.000m2).
  • 1998 Our Analytical Laboratory is built. More resources are poured into advancing our R+D Department further.
  • 2004 IQAP, S.A. and Colorpoint, S.A. merge to create IQAP Colorpoint, S.A.
  • 2005 IQAP Colorpoint, S.A. acquires a production unit in the Czech Republic, which becomes IQAP Czech s.r.o (Tábor).
  • 2007 IQAP Colorpoint, S.A. acquires two companies: Alcolor, S.A. and Paint Desarrollos, S.L., both located in Ibi (Alicante).
  • 2008 All the Spanish companies merge to create IQAP Masterbatch Group, S.L.
  • 2009 IQAP Masterbatch Group, S.L. acquires the company ADES,S.L.
  • 2013 A new analytical laboratory is unveiled in our Ibi plant.
  • 2014 New facilities are unveiled in our Vic headquarters.