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Masies de Roda, Barcelona
Ibi, Alicante
Egüés, Navarra
  • Factory and headquarters: Ctra. De Vic a Olot (C-153) Km.5. 08510 - Les Masies de Roda, Barcelona. IQAP headquarters covers a total building area of 14.000m2 and has a yearly production capacity over 10.000 Mt.
  • Ibi factory C/Guadalajara 6. Polígono Industrial L’Alfaç, 03440 - Ibi, Alicante. Our Ibi plant covers an area of 8.000 m2 and has a yearly speciality production of over 2.500 Mt.
  • Tábor factory: IQAP CZECH Prumyslová, 451. Planá nad Luznici. CZ-391 02 Sezimovo Ústi 2, Czech Republic. With a total area of 2.000 m2, our Tábor factory has a yearly production capacity of 3.000 Mt.
  • Our Navarre Plant facilities, located in Egüés, Industrial Estate, C/ Z, Nº8, 31486 EGÜÉS, which consist of laboratory and commercial offices, cover an area in excess of 1.120 m2.