Jul 11,2013


The Lord Mayor  of Ibi Ms.  Mayte Parra together with the Provincial Delegate for the Environment Mr. Javier Sendra, opened the new, cutting edge Technical Research Laboratory facilities of IQAP MASTERBATCH GROUP’s plant  in Ibi (Alicante).  The event was attended by delegates from the local government and Town Council political parties, members of the Social and Economic Council, IBIAE business association, several technology centres (AIMPLAS, AIJU and AITEX),  secondary school IES La Foia, as well as customers and friends.
The Company President Mr. Xavier Rovira and the General Director Mr. Josep Castanyer highlighted  the efforts poured into this investment,  and their determination and commitment to back the plant’s capabilities in the future.  They stressed the dynamism and capacity for innovation of the Ibi area, which is now in the forefront of the region’s industrial sector.
A guided tour of the factory followed, which gave the attendees the opportunity to appreciate the scope of the investment on quality control and R+D+I equipment, as well  as on sustainability and environmental issues. It is worth pointing out that the latter have lead to Zero Waste policy covering the products made at the plant , as well as to a highly significant reduction of its water consumption.
The said environmental investments belong to a  wider  research and co-operation project, co-financed by the European Union through the Environmental Finance Unit Life+, called LIFE11 ENV/ES/513 Mastalmond (http://www.lifemastalmond.eu/es/), concerning the obtention of a biodegradable, eco-friendly masterbatch with a formulation including almond shells.  Almonds are widely grown in the area, being Spain the second producer worldwide.
The event took place on 27th June. A light meal was served following the laboratory opening and the visit to the production plant.