May 19,2017 Categories: R+D+I


IQAP is developing a new range of masterbatches in liquid form, within the framework of a CDTI-backed and FEDER-funded project under reference: IDI-20160047.
Its general purpose is the development of a new range of colour concentrates (masterbatches) in liquid form for processing textile fibres. However, it is intended for this new format to be suitable for plastic injection as well.
The development of this project and the said new format will make it possible for colouring to be adjusted during fibre processing, which current formats make unfeasible.
Another outstanding feature of these new concentrates is their saving machine cleaning time, which prevents small batches from becoming either slower to produce or more costly  to  customers. Their stability and compatibility will make them suitable for the most widely used polymers, and the results from this research will fit all sectors.
IQAP, with their broad experience in producing colour and additive masterbatches for polymers, and as regular suppliers of the most demanding producers, expects this project to shed new light in assisting customers with any issues involving the use of additives.