Jun 01,2017 Categories: R+D+I


IQAP is developing a grafted compound for crosslinking synthetic fibres during spinning process, under project ref. IDI-20151040, backed by CDTI and funded by FEDER.

The overall aim of the project is to develop a grafted compound and a process-aid masterbatch (PPA) with a view to lengthening the useful life of synthetic fibres thanks to them being crosslinked during the spinning process. This innovative technique aims at eliminating subsequent crosslinking which makes  production longer and more costly.

Thanks to this new project IQAP expects to broaden its knowledge in the field of reactive extrusion, both from a productive point of view as well as in the development of new lab tests, by quantifying how effective the grafting reaction has been.

Moreover,  with its wide experience in the production of colour and additive technical masterbatches for polymers, and being a regular supplier of the most demanding producers, IQAP expects the results from this project to further co-operation with customers in the improvement and resolution of any production problems they may encounter.